L’Etape by Tour de France is the only cyclosportive series that gives amateur cyclists the opportunity to truly live the Tour de France experience all over the world. 

more than 50 years of experience

L’Etape by Tour de France is a series of amateur cycling events designed to experience Tour de France Legend.

It is the only event where you can race and feel like a Tour de France champion, and where you can enjoy the Tour de France unique atmosphere and passion.

“The Tour de France is the world’s greatest cycling race.

friendly and professional

Each year it is passionately followed by fans around the world so it has naturally given rise to L’Etape by Le Tour de France series”, said Christian Prudhomme, Tour de France director.

The series has now expanded to 14 international locations including Colombia, Wales, Mexico, China, Australia And now Indonesia


An absolute must for cycling lovers, L’etape by Tour de France gives participant th opportunity to push their limits and to motivate one another. It is a festive weekend centered on a personal development and a common passion for the Tour de France.


Courses designed by Tour de France experts that challenge the participants


Cyclist are kings for a day, experiencing the excitement of the Tour de France under the same racek conditionis as the pros from start to finish. They will also share the experience with series ambassadors including formerr yello jerseys and Tour de France riders.

L'Etape by Tour de France